Nobody’s Hotter Than Harry Potter

20 Jul

…Or Ron Weasley. Andrea here and I am super excited/depressed/delighted/anxious about the final Harry Potter movie. Basically, I just have a lot of feelings! Magically, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2 came out on my fave friend, Holly’s birthday! How fun! We saw a double feature of Parts 1 & 2 and to celebrate, I made Amy’s Butterbeer cupcakes!

We aren’t rating this week due to busy Harry Potter schedules, but can I just tell you? These cupcakes were absolutely fabulous. Like, you all need to make them right now.

I used the same Gryffindor cupcake wrappers used previously for the Corniest Cornelius Fudge muffins. The mild cake balances out the sweetness and they taste like Butterbeer straight from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I will definitely make these cupcakes again just because they were so tasty! I also ended up with a full bottle of butterscotch ganache, which is amazing drizzled on ice cream!

And just for fun, Holly and me at the midnight premiere!

Krista here… Once upon a time I was one of those kids making fun of the HP kids… I went to every movie but never really got into it… until Dobby died. :*( Then I had to read all the books so I could be prepared for part 2 so I could fight ugly crying since it wouldn’t be a surprise. We also went to the midnight show for part 2. I had to fill an order for the local theater who wanted broom stick treats. Changed the flavors up a little and the shape of the brooms (because that site looks like shovels.. truth.)

I’m not a big plain pretzel fan, so I put a little “extree” candy coating over the pretzel. I have all the stuff to make Butterbeer cupcakes- that should happen this weekend! Here is me and my munchkin at platform 9 3/4! šŸ™‚


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