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Chocolate Chip Off The Old Block!

20 Jun

Chocolate chip cookies hold fond memories for many people, be it baking with mom, dirtying up the whole kitchen, eating raw dough, and our favorite:

Never fails to get a laugh! Chocolate chip cookie dough uses butter and both brown and white sugar. You can make your cookies stand out by using different types of chocolate or other additional ingredients, which is precisely what we did for this duel! Here are the guidelines for these cookies.

  • Ease of prep/baking-10
  • Texture-20
  • Flavor/taste -20
  • Ingredient ratios- 10
  • Ease of eating- 10
  • Added flavor-20
  • How well does the actual number of cookies make correspond to how many the recipe says -10

Krista here and for me chocolate chip cookies are my dad’s “staple” sweet product. He’s not a big cake fan and only likes the corners on brownies- but you give him a chocolate chip cookie and he’s in his element! I already have my choc chip cookie recipe for the baked goods I make for sale- but I wanted to tie in my hub’s love of peanut butter. So, I found this recipe that ties in both.

Unfortunately, these cookies did not last long. By the time they had cooled and I was ready to take pictures… there were only two cookies left. Which is pretty awesome

  • Ease of prep/baking-10/10 chocolate chip cookies are def something you can just throw together, I think they took more time cooling than they did baking… you’ll never hear me complain about easy recipes!
  • Texture- 19/20 I HATE peanut butter cookies solely based on the texture- they are all so dry and crumbly it’s nasty. I was a bit hesitant doing a peanut butter choc chip cookie because I was concerned about the texture. These turned out great- the were firm but chewy, the edges were still a little flaky so I docked a point because I’m anal.
  • Flavor/taste – 18/20 I am not the biggest peanut butter fan, but these cookies were very good and amazing with a little milk.
  • Ingredient ratios- 9/10 I would have liked to have more choc chips per cookie, but overall the peanut butter and choc chip cookie ratio per cookie was something you could taste and distinguish.
  • Ease of eating- 10/10 Obviously these were super easy to eat since my hubs consumed the majority of the cookies.
  • Peanut butter flavor- 17/20 I personally thought they were perfect, Matt (the pb expert) says more peanut butter would be optimum. You can distinguish the flavor without any assistance, so it scores highly for me.
  • How well does the actual number of cookies make correspond to how many the recipe says – 8/10 The recipe is unclear about how many cookies it makes, the writer mentions she doubled the recipe and had “about 6 dozen”. I did the normal recipe and ended up with 2 dozen- so it was closer than last time.

This recipe scored 91 out of 100 pts. The best rated recipe I’ve made to this point! Woohoo. 🙂

It’s Andrea! Chocolate covered strawberries are one my favorite decadent treats! I’ve had this recipe bookmarked for quite some time and am so excited I was finally able to make it. Chocolate covered strawberries…in a cookie. Simply incredible!

  • Ease of prep/baking-6/10 The recipe said 10-12 minutes, however they took more like 30 minutes.
  • Texture- 20/20 Perfectly gooey.
  • Flavor/taste – 20/20 Just like a chocolate covered strawberry!
  • Ingredient ratios- 10/10 At first I thought there was going to be way too many chocolate chips and strawberries, but it worked out to be the perfect amount!
  • Ease of eating- 9/10 Ones that ended up with extra strawberries seemed to fall apart more easily.
  • Strawberry flavor- 20/20 Summer is the perfect time to make these with fresh, juicy strawberries. They were amazing!
  • How well does the actual number of cookies make correspond to how many the recipe says – 8/10 I ended up with 26, rather than 30. Which could also be why mine took longer to bake.
  • Overall these cookies received 93/100. These cookies were wonderfully moist and flavorful. I would even venture to say they’re downright sinful! 😉 One thing that made these so special was the browned butter. It added a delicious, nutty flavor to the cookies. They are easy enough for every day baking, but can be special enough for birthdays or holidays. They didn’t even last 24 hours and I will definitely make them again!


    The King’s Peach!

    29 May

    The winner of our cookie flavor poll was: PEACH! The guidelines for this duel are as follows:

    • Ease of prep/baking-10
    • Texture-20
    • Flavor/taste -20
    • Ingredient ratios- 10
    • Ease of eating- 10
    • Peach flavor-20
    • How well does the actual number of cookies make correspond to how many the recipe says -10

    Krista here and let me start off by saying that peaches are not on my list of favorite things to eat (the actual list is fairly short- chocolate, cheese and moscato). With that said, I loved these cookies! I went with a recipe from, Theresa/Thunderbird’s take on Peach Cookies.

    I will say I tweaked the recipe slightly. It was optional to add raisins but that sounded disgusting, so I added white chocolate chips- half a cup. I also substituted pumpkin pie spice for the cloves. Some of the reviews said the cookies were more “cake like” than chewy- completely true. These cookies are very fluffy and not overwhelming in peach flavor. My husband said they taste like peach pie. So- let’s get to the ratings!

    • Ease of prep/baking- 10/10 pts- super simple to prepare and easy to cook- I did cook them for 18:30 instead of 20 minutes. I also drained my peaches after cutting them- there was a lot of juice created while dicing.
    • Texture- 18/20 pts These cookies are cake-like and hold true to that. However, when spooning them to make the cookies they are difficult to get a “pretty” and clean shape.
    • Flavor/taste: 20/20 pts Delicious flavor with the peach and subtle spices. These would be good as double doozies (two cookies with icing in the middle) for sure.
    • Ingredient ratios- if extras are added (raisins, nuts, chocolate chips etc) are there enough, too many? do they get evenly distributed?- 8/10 pts Since peaches are not very sturdy they had to be folded into the recipe and some of the cookies ended up with less peach than others. If you are wanting the white choc chips to be a strong factor in the cookie you need to add more- there are maybe 3 per cookie in my batch having used a 1/2 cup.
    • Ease of eating- 10/10 pts the cookie holds together well since it is more of a cake-like cookie there is no breaking or a lot of crumbs.
    • Peach flavor-16/20 pts The cookies are what I would say mostly peach, however I’m not sure that someone would be able to discernibly tell these cookies were peach and not apricot- or another fruit like that.
    • How well does the actual number of cookies make correspond to how many the recipe says –4/10 This recipe said it made 4 dozen cookies- it made 20. I either really stink at tea-spooning out the batter, or they just over exaggerate about the amount.

    *drum roll* These cookies scored a total of 86 points!

    Hello all, Andrea here. I was pumped for this duel because peaches are one of my absolute favorite fruits! One of my favorite places to get recipes is AllRecipes. I love the ingredient search feature and the recipe box. One problem, I find, however is often times the rating will be skewed by users who vote a recipe highly, but end up making lots of changes. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the base recipe is good, or only edible after several changes. I decided to go with this recipe for this duel. Some users stated different changes they made to improve the recipe, but I stuck with the original and it was delicious.

    • Ease of prep/baking-10/10 – Just a simple, basic cookie recipe. Perfect for quick afternoon baking.
    • Texture- 17/20 – Chewy on the inside, but a little crispier on the outside than I prefer, especially for a sugar cookie.
    • Flavor/taste – 18/20 – The cookie itself was delicious, but not strong on the peach flavor.
    • Ingredient ratios- 9/10 – The walnuts got more evenly distributed than the peach chunks.
    • Ease of eating- 10/10 – Didn’t fall apart, not crumbly.
    • Peach flavor- 18/20 – The peach chunks were visible and flavorful, but not very “peachy”. Similar problem that Krista had above.
    • How well does the actual number of cookies make correspond to how many the recipe says -10/10 – Says 4 dozen and made exactly 4 dozen.

    Overall these cookies got 92/100 points. They were very good and I would make them again and play around with the flavorings. This is a great recipe for beginners or those short on time!