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My muffin top is all that!

27 Jun

This week on Dueling Bakers we decided to try something a little different and do a savory item. A lot of times we think of muffins being sweet and for breakfast. But with a variety of add-ins including spices, cheeses, and meats, muffins can easily be taken to the savory side!

The guidelines for this duel are as follows:

  • Ease of prep/baking-10
  • Texture-20
  • Flavor/taste -20
  • Ingredient ratios- 10
  • Ease of eating- 10
  • Added flavor-20
  • How well does the actual number of muffins make correspond to how many the recipe says -10

Andrea here! If you know me at all, you know I have a strange obsession with corn. It’s just so deliciously sweet and versatile. So, for this duel I decided to go with The Corniest Corn Muffins! Which affectionately became dubbed “The Corniest Cornelius Fudge Muffins” around my house, for Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic 1990-1996. We may or may not be a little nerdy ’round these parts 😉

Let’s see how these Corny Cornelius Muffins stacked up!

  • Ease of prep/baking- 8/10 – Prep was super easy, but the recipe said they would take 15-18 minutes and mine took around 22.
  • Texture- 18/20 – These were great corn muffins! They were moist and not dry and crumbly like corn muffins can be.
  • Flavor/taste – 20/20 – Definitely corny!
  • Ingredient ratios- 8/10 – There was a noticeable difference in the amount of corn kernels in some of the muffins.
  • Ease of eating- 10/10 – Like I said earlier, not at all crumby and they came out of the wrapper perfectly.
  • Added flavor- 18/20 – The corn flavor was definitely there because whole kernels were used, but it would have been better if they were more evenly distributed.
  • How well does the actual number of muffins make correspond to how many the recipe says – 8/10 – The recipe said 12, I got 12 but some of them were overfilled and I had a little batter left in the bowl.

As you can see, not only were these the Corniest Cornelius Fudge muffins, they were baked in Gryffindor themed cupcake wrappers 😀

Over all these muffins got 90/100 points! Brilliant!

Hiya ladies and gents! It’s uh me, Krista and I took the savory slide toward salmon and cream cheese- the ultimate combo in sushi! I choose a recipe from New Zealand which was a trick in and of itself- grams?! who uses grams?! So after conversions were all said done, this recipe was Americanized.

So- I’m going to keep this short and simple, like the recipe.

  • Ease of prep/baking-  7/10 points it gets docked some points because of the need in making conversions. Also- the type of flour isn’t specified- what’s with that?
  • Texture-12/20 points the muffins didn’t really change in the baking process… it was actually kind of weird, they looked exactly the same as they did when they went in- except the cheese was melted.
  • Flavor/taste – 16/20 the flavor was not bad- I ate 3 of them just because they had the salmon/cream cheese combo I love, but the texture just kills it… 😦
  • Ingredient ratios- 9/10 the salmon, spinach and cheese breaks up evenly in each muffin… you almost make a sandwich with the batter with the cream cheese and salmon in the middle so it insures that each muffin has the breakdown.
  • Ease of eating- 6/10 once again the texture kills this- it’s like eating a dense sponge with a good taste- you can taste like heaven but if the texture isn’t up to par it’s not that great. The muffin stuck to the sides of the muffin holder too and I actually only had 3 because I ended up with some wrapper in my mouth.
  • Added flavor-16/20 the salmon and cream cheese are what I’m considering the added flavor and it was great- once again killed by texture.
  • How well does the actual number of muffins make correspond to how many the recipe says -8/10 the recipe says 10, I made 12…

This recipe got an awful score of 74/100… which is the lowest we’ve had to date, I think. I don’t recommend these muffins by any stretch…

buy the smoked salmon, sushi rice, Nori and cream cheese and just make some philly/bagel rolls instead.

-secretly craving some corniest Cornelius Fudge muffins-


We had a lot of fun rating savory recipes for a change! Did you? Please vote in our poll to let us know what you’d like to see more of from Dueling Bakers!